Interchangeable Net/Gaff System

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  • A unique take on one of the most used fishing accessories. Silstar's Interchangeable Net/Gaff System encompasses eight different parts which can be used in any combination to suit the anglers needs. Compromising of two handle sections, one base and one extension. The system can go from 1200mm to 2400mm. Anglers can then attach any of the three different net heads, two gaff hooks or the handy lure retriever head.
    The ultimate do-everything system for some of the most used fishing accessories.

  • • 1200mm or 2400mm long
    • Three net head
    • Two gaff hooks
    • Lure retriever
    • Screw in connections

  • Model Description
    HNDL-1 Handle
    EXTN-1 Extension Handle
    LNS-1 Silicone Landing Net Head
    LNS-2 Nylon Mesh Landing Net Head
    PRWN-1 Prawn Mesh Net Head
    GAFF-70 70mm Gaff Hook Head
    GAFF-85 85mm Gaff Handle Hook Head
    RTVR-1 Lure Retriever Head

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