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Crystal PowerTip 2016 copy.jpg

Crystal Power Tip

The toughest fishing rod in the world!

PowerTipBaitcaster PF-521 copy.jpg

Power Tip

The original Power Tip - Integrated solid tip

Adroit copy.jpg


The Silstar Adroit is a feature packed spinning reel fit for the rigors of Australian fresh and s...

Altus copy.jpg


The new Silstar Altus packs performance well above its price tag. Featuring a strengthened graphi...

Talon 2016 copy.jpg


The Silstar Talon range of spin reels would be familiar to many Australian anglers. Our latest re...

Power 2 Reel PWR copy.jpg

Power 2

Power 2 was built to perfectly compliment our range of Power Tip or Crystal Power Tip rods. Choos...

Strike 2 Reel copy.jpg

Strike 2

Strike into a big one with the confidence of Silstar behind you! The Silstar Strike 2 perfectly m...

Strike 1 copy.jpg

Strike 1

Strike into a big one with the confidence of Silstar behind you! The Silstar Strike 1 perfectly m...

Galaxy copy.jpg


The Silstar Galaxy is our flagship offering. Sporting two giant sizes to tackle Australia's bigge...

Coaster_1 copy.jpg


The Silstar Coaster is a series of compact, long cast design spinning reels suitable for surf and...

Silstar Horizon 2 copy.jpg


Long casts demand big reels, and the Silstar Horizon fits that need without breaking the bank. Th...

Tactical copy.jpg


Tactical reels are smooth and light, fantastic for light tackle use for hardbody and soft plastic...

Silstar Presia copy.jpg


Presia is built on a rigid aluminium body and rotor, delivering strength and stability for high d...

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