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  • The Silstar Talon range of spin reels would be familiar to many Australian anglers. Our latest revision lifts the bar on performance and value! A strengthened graphite body and rotor eliminate twisting and flex under load, important if you ever plan on landing that big one! The 3+1 all stainless steel ball bearings inside perform great, and make the Talon smooth as silk to wind. An alloy spool suitable for either monofilament or braided line houses a multi-disc lubricated oiled felt drag stack, delivering smooth and consistent pressure across the whole drag spectrum. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit every scenario you're likely to encounter, the Talon is a perfect match to our Power Tip and Crystal Power Tip rods.
  • • Corrosion free, strengthened graphite body & rotor
    • Alloy braid ready spool 
    • Alloy folding handle
    • Oiled felt multi-disc drag 
    • 3+1 ball bearings all corrosion resistant 
    • 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 sizes
  • Model No. Ball Bearings Gear Ratio Mono Capacity.
    TA-20 3+1 5.1:1 90m/10lb
    TA-30 3+1 5.1:1 135m/10lb
    TA-40 3+1 5.1:1 100m/14lb
    TA-50 3+1 4.8:1 220m/18lb
    TA-60 3+1 4.8:1 220/22lb

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